Marvellous Maths

Welcome to our Marvellous Maths hub for Room 13.  I hope you enjoy playing some maths games on your home or school computers.  This will help you with your maths knowledge, speed and skill as well as help you with some wonderful computer skills.  


BBC Bite Size Games

This website has some very cute and fun games to help you practice your basic facts, place value, shape, measurement, telling time, statistics, sequencing numbers, and times tables.  There are also some cute worksheets that relate to each game that you could print off at home, colour and fill in! 

Maths Magician

Maths magician is a timed site where you can practice your basic facts so you get faster. Get practicing! 

Click here for Maths Magician

Maths Cats 

Maths cats has lots of fun games to get you going at all sorts of maths problems and games.  I'm sure you will enjoy it.   

Click here for Maths Cats


Click here


Prototec is a maths worksheet or active basic facts web page that is linked to the New Zealand curriculum levels.  It's great for practicing you maths.   
click here for prototec!


Each week you will be given a basic facts sheet to practice for Homefun. If you get more than 90% on Friday's test, you will move up to the next level. You have 4 minutes to complete the sheet during testing.

The more you practise with basic facts, the faster you will get. So get going!

If you want to print out extra copies of your basic facts sheet, you can find them on the school website or you can CLICK HERE! (Basic facts testing sheets)

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