Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Mask Making

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A few weeks ago, we spent some time reading about masks from around the world.  The kids decided it would be fun to make our own masks.  We planned this all week and they were so excited when agreed that they could bring some items in from home if they wished.  As it linked well to the book and enabled children to bring their own knowledge (and crafty expertise) into the classroom, I was all for it!  Here is some of the results of the fun they had making their own masks.

Here's our Collaborative Class Report Writing we have done on Masks.

Masks Report


Masks are used throughout the world for lots of celebrations like Chinese New Year, parades, cultural celebrations or on stages for performances.  They are all different for different reasons and this is what we have learned.


Some masks are different shapes because animals, humans, witches, dragons and creatures that they show are different shapes. Masks have different patterns or colours and they can be scary, creative and fun. Masks have eye-holes so that people can see through them.

Masks come from Japan, Italy, China, Canada, France, America, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, England, India, Egypt, Ecuador, Columbia, Hungry, Turkey, Africa and Portugal.  Different countries make different kinds of masks because in Papua New Guinea they have Mud Man Masks and in China they celebrate Chinese New Year with dragons and Egypt celebrate 3000 years ago by wearing special clothes and masks.

They are made with materials like sting, mud, paper, streamers, clay, animal skin, sea shells, plastic, plaster, metal, ribbon, paint, tin foil, palm tree branches, feathers, goggly eyes and plastic spoons.  People make them by painting, gluing, baking, carving, Sellotaping and stitching.     


The masks we made in class are colourful and creative, they are all different colours, designed and drawn differently, different looking.  Some people have used paint and some are shinny.  Some children have glued a lot of sparkly things onto them.  Some look creepy, freaky and some are sneaky or cheeky.  There are a few that are cute with fur, bows or ribbons or some are just weird with a big eye and a small eye.  Some look wet because they live underwater. 

Our Masks are awesome!

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