Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Kandinski Tree Art

This is some art that we have been working on for a few weeks, the children enjoyed the different aspects of glueing, colouring, painting and just being creative! 

WALT: create an art work influenced by another artist using different materials.

SC: we can follow the method explained
we can colour interesting patterns on circles
we can glue items where we want them to go
we can paint in-between the lines

We started by covering a piece of paper with pages from an old book (they thought I had gone crazy when I started tearing pages out of a book).  We talked about that it was a withdrawn library book and very old, so I was allowed to rip it up.  “DO NOT try this at home”. Students overlapped the pages in different directions to add a bit of visual interest.

We then sketched a tree on the paper, and they painted the tree using black acrylic paint. We then painted a hill shape in any colour of our choosing.  We wanted to make sure the printed paper showed through the paint, so didn’t paint too thickly.  

We discussed the artist, Kandinsky, and I showed them pictures of his circle art and a sample of a ‘Kandinsky tree’ .  I gave student cut out circles to colour in interesting patterns all of different sizes.  Students glued the completed circles at the end of each branch on their trees.

I LOVE how these turned out!  They just make me so happy!

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