Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Brain food reminder

Hi Room 13

I have been asking children to put their brainfood in their tote trays in the morning when they arrive. This way we are not spending valuable time getting lunch boxes in and out of bags more than necessary.

Here is the school advice on brain food, it would be great if you could all take a quick look below and discuss with your children.   The information comes from our school website, I've copied and pasted this directly from there to here for you.

Brain Food
All schools, as part of the health curriculum, teach students about the importance of healthy eating and nutrition.  At Reremoana School this is a year round focus, and is particularly emphasised in the first term. 
We encourage children to eat healthy snacks (see below) and drink water (not juice) during class time to ensure optimum brain functioning and learning. 
We encourage children to come to school with ‘Healthy Snacks’ and a bottle that can be filled with water.
Ultimately, the decision about whether children bring ‘brain food’ to school to eat during class time and what is included in school lunches is up to each family.

Healthy Snack (Brain Food) Breaks
Many of our classes have opportunities for children to eat healthy snacks at set times during the day. We acknowledge the constant snacking may be linked to tooth decay and for this reason encourage children to have a 'healthy snack' about half way through a block of learning time. Some classes have set times for healthy snacks, others give children the responsibility of identifying appropriate times for this. 
Healthy snacks could include fresh fruit, unsalted nuts, chopped fresh vegetables or unsalted popcorn. Each Pod has a popcorn maker, and teachers provide popcorn from time to time in classes. We are discouraging dried fruit, muesli bars or ‘roll ups’ in class time as these foods tend to stick to teeth for extended periods of time which can lead to tooth decay. 
The following is an extract from “Learning To Learn – Strategies for Accelerating Learning and Boosting Performance”  by Christine Ward and Jan Daley:

Memory and learning involve electrochemical processes; thus there are definite links between effective learning and good nutrition. The tips below use some old truths and some new research about ways to ensure our brains are well-fed for successful study...

Keep energy levels high. Brains need constant energy… It is vital to keep blood sugar levels up during study times to maintain concentration. Helpful blood sugar comes from the digestion of complex carbohydrates and proteins which release energy over several hours. Eating sugary food provides instant but temporary energy.

Top up energy by brain food grazing. Nibbling pieces of fruit, vegetables, whole-grain snacks, nuts and seeds every hour or two, keeps blood sugar levels high to energise brains for thinking and learning. It is also essential to
drink plenty of water…

Eat raw food often. Snacking on raw fruit and vegetables is an easy way to keep the body/brain going well… Raw foods of any sort increase the rate at which the brain cells use oxygen, so that thinking and learning is easier and better. Seeds and nuts eaten raw or sprouted have valuable nutrients in the seed embryo which are good for brain function.

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